Mini Movies

Mini Movies take your memories and add movie magic combining text and 3D animation to bring out your message in ways you never thought possible.

3 Day Delivery

Once you tell us the purpose of your Project we will reply with 5 themes curated just for your project you can choose of one those or tell us to pick 5 more

Once you pick your theme we move to our portal

• We will tell you the specifics for your project (the amount of photos & Videos required and the reccomended orientation)

• We will Pair your Video with a perfectly timed Youtube safe Soundtrack (You Select The Genre)

• We deliver your completed video through our portal

IBelow are just a couple use cases for these projects 

For Businesses

  • Promote your business
  • Launch a new  product 
  • Feature a service 
  • Intro for Social Media or Video Channel
  • Low Cost Commerical

For Familes/Indiviuals

  • Scan old photos and turn into a Family Album 
  • Highlights from that special vacation 
  • Memories of your child’s sports or activities 
  • Intro for Social Media or Video Channel
  • A meaningful gift